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Michael Kazma


Michael Kazma

Mike is the President and CEO of Amzak Capital Management and has worked for Amzak for the past 28 years. Mike has been an entrepreneur and investor in the telecommunications industry for his entire life. His father Gerry put him to work in the family cable tv business at a young age during summers. Mike has worked in all areas of the cable companies his family has owned such as warehouses, cable installers, door-to-door salesman, and senior management. Starting in 1992 Mike led the expansion in the Caribbean market starting in Aruba and later Trinidad and Martinique. Over the last 20 years, Mike led the Amzak group in buying over 60 companies in nine different countries, building thousands of miles of the cable network, and creating thousands of new jobs. He now serves as the president of Amzak Capital Management, where he oversees all the investment groups. He was a board member of Amnet Telecommunications (1997-2008), Tricom, S.A. (2010 – 2014), CorePower Yoga (2008 – 2013), and is currently a board member of Techniplas and MKH Capitol based in Miami. Mike is also involved in the company’s charitable donations to schools and universities in the United States, Caribbean, and Central America. Mike received his undergraduate degree from Bradley University. 

(561) 953-4164

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